Mini-workshop ‘Improve the value and profitability of your company’

Improve the profitability of your company
Living and working as an entrepreneur in Amsterdam? Want to improve the value and profitability of your company in a fast, practical and affordable way?
This MBW™ Mini-workshop is especially for non-Dutch speaking entrepreneurs and combines the knowhow of SME organizations with relevant MBA knowledge. Experienced trainer/coach Annegien Blokpoel provides practical tips and addresses specific company issues. Ample room for sharing knowhow & experiences with fellow entrepreneurs.
This MBW™ Mini-workshop can be followed stand-alone or as part of the MBW™program (individual coaching sessions + Workshops/Round Tables).
Annegien Blokpoel studied economy and archeology and is author of the Dutch best-seller ‘Maak je bedrijf meer waard’ (Improve the value of your company), in its third edition. The past five years she has been coaching and consulting entrepreneurs and managers in enhancing the value and profitability of their company and realizing a fair value price.
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