NEVIR 25 jaar

NEVIR Masterclass “Basics of finance & financial jargon”

for Corporate Communication professionals and other non-financial professionals

When: November 13th 2018, 14.00-18.00
Where: HQ Nationale Nederlanden, The Hague
Who should attend: Professionals in Communications, Legal Affairs, Sustainability and others that are (in)directly involved in Investor Relations.
Costs: € 395.-, in combination with IR Masterclass, € 495.- stand alone
Open to: Corporate professionals of NEVIR members

“Why is EBITDA important? What are the key financial metrics for my company? What is operational leverage? Why do analysts ask about debt coverage? How do you read an analyst report?

Do you want to gain relevant insights into the magic of financials in a time and cost efficient way and want to be able to understand and communicate easier with your IR colleagues, then this crash course ‘Basics of finance and financial jargon’ will offer the solution!

The Masterclass is designed as a stepping stone to the 2.5 day IR Masterclass, but can also be followed as a standalone Masterclass. Annegien Blokpoel, who has more than 15 years of experience in Investor Relations & Corporate Communications and also the organizer/moderator of the IR Masterclass, is trainer of this half day course.

After this course you will have gained knowledge about basics in finance and the key financial terminology in financial communication (capital markets, press releases etc) of a listed company.

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