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Upcoming AGM and the new rules of the game

The rules of the game of AGM are changing with new regulation & legislation and the rise of active shareholders. Therefore a new challenging environment has developed, both for investor relations and corporate secretaries. An important subject for all listed companies, and the following (international) specialists presented the current state of affairs and their expert view on the topic:

  • Harm Jan de Kluiver, Professor Corporate Law, University of Amsterdam. European legislation has recently been introduced into Dutch law and will take effect from this year. Harm Jan de Kluiver will address the impact for Dutch listed companies, and how to maintain and run an efficient AGM.
  • Hakan Sapmaz, Senior Director, Broadridge Financial Solutions. Broadridge is provider of investor communications and proxy processing services for banks, brokers, shareholders and corporate issuers. Hakan Sapmaz will address the functioning of the system and the roles of the different parties involved in the two way communication between corporate issuers and shareholders.
  • Wayne Cowan, Associate and Specialist in Proxy Services Banco Santander. Wayne Cowan’s team works as a corporate actions agent for more than 75% of all listed Spanish companies – both large and small cap. The Spanish regulations for listed companies are comparable to the Dutch situation. On average 60% of shareholders of Spanish listed companies vote at the AGM. Wayne will address the success of Spanish companies in attracting and soliciting proxy voting with shareholders.
  • Joost Slooten, Director Communication & investor Relations Arcadis. Joost Slooten will present the way Arcadis is handling their AGM in an effective way, and the main challenges.
  • Moderator: Annegien Blokpoel, Counsel NEVIR