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Webseminar: ‘Brand; value creator or cash drain?’

Webseminar: ‘Brand; value creator or cash drain?’

The last three years have been the years of rationalizing and reducing costs; they were the CFO’s and restructuring expert years! One of the key success factors to grow the revenues, increase margins and optimize operational leverage for the coming years will be the brand; the domain of the CEO and marketer! But brands come at some expense, and investments might be high. To invest in the right brand and to create value for the company will be key to success or failure in the next years. This requires a view on a brand portfolio strategy, strongly anchored in the company and linked to its unique business drivers. Especially for listed companies, there is the complicated issue of the relationship of the financial brand on the capital markets and its business brands in the consumer market.


  • Ben Noteboom, CEO Randstad
  • Patrick Kuijsters, Director Branding & Marketing KPN
  • Jacques Kuyf, CEO FHV BBDO and Chairman VEA


  • Annegien Blokpoel

The discussion will be held in Dutch, information is provided in English

These three specialist in the field of brands and their impact will address the following issues:

  • How do we measure the value of brands, is it a yearly operational cost item or is it an investment in a strategic asset?
  • Do analysts and investors understand the value of a brand?
  • How do companies manage their brand portfolio, and in which brands do you invest, sell or let dye a silent death?
  • What developments can we expect in the coming years?