Value and valuation
Strategic decisions almost always have organisational consequences; as your business expands, the strategic plans must be implemented in operational results. We use multiple strategy and (change) management methods to improve the performance of your company in an efficient manner. Step 1 is to create a clear strategic vision, step 2 to visualize value internally, step 3 to build and enhance value and step 4 to visualize externally for an optimal “fair value”.

Efficiency, speed and an affinity for professional know-how and craftsmanship form the foundation of PerspeXo. Through our collaborative approach of working with professionals from diverse specialisations we are able to provide versatile corporate expertise. ThisĀ approach results in fast, creative and workable solutions to meet the challenges of your company.

Our method of working
Our method of working is known in the industry as “explorative consultancy”; working in an investigative manner. PerspeXo does not overwhelm your organisation by bringing in a large team. PerspeXo works with either one expert or a small multi-disciplined team. We believe that is the combination of scenario modeling – using different perspectives on value creation – and multi-disciplined thinking & doing that are key for succesfull business modeling and realizing fair value.