Our Services

Focus on value creation

The business environment is changing rapidly. As new developments occur, quick and thorough analysis on business impact is key. The choices  of today will have effect on the current and future profitability and subsequently, on the company’s valuation.

  • Which (growth) option delivers the most value?
  • Must we expand organically or acquire?
  • How does an investor or buyer value my business?
  • How can we create a higher valuation in a safe and efficient way?
  • How do I achieve visibility and fair value externally?

These questions might be answered differently by marketing, business operations, finance, M&A, communication and strategy specialists. We therefore work with a team of specialists,  using the strength of different perspectives, and provide a clear view and direction for profitable growth and fair value valuation.

Our services comprise:
– board room strategy advise (project basis and ongoing)
– hands on interim management in the field of general management, business development, financial management and investor relations
– strategy research and perception management and positioning studies and papers