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CVN at YES Delft: Accelerators & Incubators

4 April: 12.00-17.00
Corporate Venturing Network and Yes!Delft
Title “Accelerators and Incubators”
Location: Molengraafsingel, Delft.

We have more than 70 accelerator and incubator programs in the Netherlands, excluding the in-house incubators/accelerators of several corporates. Therefore, there is a risk you lose sight of the big picture. What is the added value of an incubator and/or accelerator for a corporate and how to choose between them?

The meeting will start at 12:00 hrs. with a network lunch. During the lunch tours will be conducted in small groups to give you the opportunity to learn more about YES!Delft. Afterwards we will have four speakers, who will share their views and learnings with you from different perspectives:

  • Evert Jaap Lugt – Yes!Delft will provide the perspective of the successful YES!Delft Incubator. What will be the Incubator of the future?
  • Mazdak Zareei – Rabobank will share the results and insights of the Rabobank study on accelerators and incubators in the Netherlands.
  • Toon Hermans – Demcon will tell more about the in-house incubation program for external start-ups of this fast-growing and innovative company.
  • Annegien Blokpoel – entrepreneur, business angel, and mentor in several incubators and accelerators, will tell about her experiences with accelerators and incubators in Israel.

These stories will be the input for round table sessions to discuss and learn more about the why of incubators/accelerators, what you can expect realistically, how to choose between the different flavors and what you need to do to create maximum value. We will close at 17.00 hrs. with network drinks.

This event is organized by the Corporate Venturing Network, contact person Corina Kuiper.

CVN at YES Delft 4 April 2019