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The future of Transformation

The Club of Amsterdam is an independent, international,
future-oriented think tank involved in channeling preferred
futures. It involves those who dare to think out of the box and
those who don’t just talk about the future but actively
participate in shaping outcomes. Theme of this evening is ‘The
future of Transformation’. Transformation is everywhere. Due
to changes in the economy, the climate, technology and
lifestyle we are transforming our infrastructure, our houses,
our companies our cities and ourselves all the time. This
evening we will discuss the future of transformation. Big plans
and top down is over, are we ready now for bottom up or are
there other strategies to think of?

Speakers and topics are:

  • Evert Verhagen, founder and owner, Creative Cities
    “Transformation in cities”
  • Kari Jironet, co-founder of In Claritas
    “Things change all the time, but sometimes, things will never
    be the same again”
  • Louise van Schaik, Senior Research Fellow & Coordinator
    Global issues, Governance and Diplomacy, The Clingendael
    “The politics of climate change”
  • Huseyin R. Demirhisar, CIO, Managing Partner, Angel Wings
    “The Impact Investment Now!”

Moderator: Annegien Blokpoel
Location: Museum Geelvinck, Amsterdam