4YFN 2023

Venture Building in the Age of ChatGPT

Format: Panel Discussion
Time: Tuesday Feb. 28th | 12:30 – 13:00
Location: Earth Room

Mod. Ben Costantini, Founder & CEO, Startup Sesame
Stephane Paillard, CEO & co-founder, Agily
Neema Balolebwami, Founder, EMEA Venture Builder
Annegien Blockpoel, Founder & Managing Partner, PerspeXo

In recent years, we witnessed the emergence of new venture models, including startup studios, talent investing, open innovation and venture clients. As a result of this transformation, which saw various kinds of organizations create businesses just like any other product, the function of the lone entrepreneur was put to the test. With the rise of natural language processing tools like ChatGPT, we can wonder what will be left to human creativity in the technology industry. How will it impact venture building? Does it make sense to learn how to code to start a business? What areas are still promising in this new era? How will established organizations, including traditional investors, adapt to the impact of AI on entrepreneurship? We will discuss these pressing questions with a diverse group of venture builders.

This panel discussion is part of the MWC Barcelona – Discover the future of connectivity with the biggest names in the industry.

Fira Gran Via, Barcelona
27 February – 2 March, 2023