Happiness is in your own hands

Club of AmsterdamAnother inspiring evening at the Club of Amsterdam, this time on the subject of the future of happiness.  Ruut Veenhoven, Emeritus professor on the subject of Happiness and Nic Marks of the New economic foundation (London) spoke on the latest research and findings on how to increase happiness.

These are the 5 advices from London that everybody can implement
in their day to day live in an easy way:
1) Connect (=  connect with friends, family, neigbours, business partners)
2) Be active (= walk, dance, sport)
3) Take notice (= enjoy the moment!)
4) Keep learning (= do new things)
5) Give (= enjoy the great feeling of giving!)
What are the results? More satisfaction with the life you live today and a longer & happier life overall.
Learnings of the evening: in rich societies with plenty of possibilities, it is very much up to the individual to create a “happy” life. Make the most out of yours.
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